We can’t do it all! 

I say to myself every night that I must get at least eight hours sleep. Go to bed earlier. Don’t be tempted by my phone. But here I am again, on my phone at half past 12 midnight. The reason for this I am highly conscious of, yet I make no effort to tackle the issue. 

Every day for me is a challenge. How much can I cram in. Work, Hobbies, Education, Family, Friends. Today consisted of practicing piano, speaking French, revising for exams, yoga, remembering to eat 3 meals, drink lots of water….. ect. How exhausting! 

It is the fear of missing something, the fear of not being worthy and the fear of not achieving all we can before we leave this earth that is what drives us to take part in these crazy schedules. Well, the moral of the story is that we can’t do it all. We need to be comfortable with how we prioritise our time and recognise that we are not superhuman. Take pride in the little things, like being with family even if there are so many other things on your to do list. What would you rather say on your death bed? I’m glad I got that promotion or I’m glad I have a family that cherishes me. I know what I would choose. 

Author: todayshiddenflower

A woman at war with herself. Inspired by many. Uncertain with most.

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