Lust and fire

Sleeping soundlessly however still restless and needy. Face in the pillow burning with desire. Just take me she screams silently. I need to be full.. full and content and inspired by your passion for me. Why do you lay there, nothing on your mind. While I have such heat in my chest and between my thighs.

My fantasy repeats over and over, how I sleep deeply and wake to feel your throbbing cock already inside me…in my stomach. And we lay like this no movement, just as two pieces have been matched you have took me. You want me. Now. I start to push my pussy up and down, round and round, it warms you from base to tip and drips with my wetness from how much of you is pushed inside.

Your hands so large so warm tied to my body as you control your own heat. Your fire. You want to cum in me so badly, you want that release but not yet. I pull away teasing you as I push down and pull away at the last second. Seeing you needy for a change satisfies me enough. I control my needs as I do yours baby. Your time will cum.

Author: todayshiddenflower

A woman at war with herself. Inspired by many. Uncertain with most.

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