Building perceptions is something very different to the raw self. Having good intentions should be enough. How can it be when they dont amount to anything. People see only the action that we take and base their assumptions on your personality through this. It can then effect everything we do and how we feel about ourselves.

We ourselves live blindly to how people see us. perceptions of ourselves are created based on our own internal thought process and the feedback we receive. Whether genuine or not it forms our being. I think people tend to alter behaviour based on what other think of us. We feel shame, embarrassment, pride, fear all as a reactionary effect to feedback.

So how do we create the image that truely reflects who we are and why does it really matter. Whether you as a person value the opinions of others and how can projection of thought attract the life that we have always wanted.

Author: todayshiddenflower

A woman at war with herself. Inspired by many. Uncertain with most.

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